Basic Policy for Antisocial Forces

The AXIES has established its Basic Policy for Antisocial Forces as follows and complies with it in order to sever any relation with antisocial forces that threaten public order and safety and hinder the sound development of society and economy.
  1. We will take a systematic approach when dealing with unreasonable demands by antisocial forces by putting top priority on the safety of our members and officers.
  2. We will block all relations with antisocial forces, including transactions with them, when performing the duties entailed by our administration/operation and organizing annual conferences, general meetings, and other events (including those held by any AXIES SIG), and firmly reject all unreasonable demands.
  3. In the event of unreasonable demands by antisocial forces, we will contact the police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, law firms, and other external professional bodies to have the issue dealt with immediately.
  4. We will take a firm stand against unreasonable demands by antisocial forces by, for example, pursuing both civil and criminal legal actions against such demands.
  5. Even in the event that unreasonable demands by antisocial forces are based on unscrupulous business activities on our part or misconduct on the part of our members and officers, we will not engage in any transaction or funding to conceal the case.
The term “antisocial forces” as used in this Basic Policy refers to the term as defined in the “Guidelines for Enterprises to Prevent Damage Caused by Antisocial Forces” (agreement by the executive meeting, the ministerial meeting concerning measures against crime, June 19, 2007).