Descriptions of AXIES’s Business

Resolutions at the 1st Ordinary General Meeting (May 28, 2011)

AXIES Business Plan The AXIES shall perform the following activities.

1. The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors may be convened as the necessity arises to deliberate on matters that concern the AXIES.

2. General Meetings

A general meeting shall be held in May except in special circumstances.

3. Annual Conferences

An annual conference shall be held in the fall except in special circumstances. Said annual conference took over the duties of Information Education Conference sponsored by the National Information Education Center’s Council and is designed to invite presentations from a broader range of fields and to increase the variety of poster presentations, tutorials, and exhibitions that it hosts.

4. Transmission of Information, Publication of Journals

The AXIES shall establish a public relations and editorial committee to launch a website and publish journals.

5. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) shall be established to address individual issues. The initial list of SIGs is as follows. SIGs shall be established or repealed as appropriate. (Click here for details)
  • SIG of Chief Information Officers (SIG-CIO)
  • SIG on Information Technology Benchmarking (SIG-ITB)
  • SIG on Information Technology Education (SIG-ITE)
  • SIG on Open-Source Software (SIG-OSS)
  • SIG on Academic/Educational Content Sharing/Distribution (SIG-CSD)
  • SIG on Software License (SIG-SL)
  • SIG on Authorization (SIG-AUTH)
  • SIG on ICT Utilization Research
  • SIG on Educational Technology Development

6. Partnerships with EDUCAUSE and Many Other Organizations

The AXIES shall exchange information with EDUCAUSE of the U.S. and other related organizations, translate its journals and other copyrighted materials, invite members from such organizations to an annual conference, and organize joint projects, among other things. Upon request, the AXIES shall cosponsor and/or support relevant meetings as appropriate.