Special Interest Groups (SIGs)


Helps CIOs to develop leadership by providing them with opportunities to discuss common issues among member universities and learn from best practices through mutual exchange, joint training sessions, and other avenues.


Conducts a survey equivalent to the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service (CDS) in Japan in order to provide yardsticks for member universities to compare ICT-related budgets and progress in ICT introduction amongst themselves.


Conducts a survey on the state of information education in Japan and, based on its findings, studies, researches, and develops the content of information ethics education required to ensure network security.


To promote the use of open-source software (OSS) among member universities, this SIG conducts a fact-finding survey on the use of OSS and organizes joint training sessions, carries out joint development, and promotes standardization, thus assisting them in acquiring techniques required to utilize OSS.


Facilitates the sharing, circulation, reuse, and standardization of academic/education content developed and accumulated by universities and other institutions, in a bid to promote learning and education at universities in Japan.


Conducts a survey on the state of conclusion, management, and use of, and issues concerning software licensing at each university to share its findings amongst member universities, while at the same time negotiating with software vendors and jointly developing a software licensing management system.


Through participation in the Academic Access Management Federation in Japan (GakuNin), which is endorsed by the National Institute of Informatics (NII), this SIG works to drastically enhance the convenience of the intra-campus authentication environment.